Does this sound familiar?

When it comes to building your website you've been there, done that. You've either designed it yourself, using a pre-built template/theme, or hired help to get it off the ground. It might have even worked for a while, but now it's not quite where you hoped it would be. You wish your site would have done this and that, looked more professional, clean and polished and represented your art more beautifully. 

Or maybe you're not even sure that you've done everything right to set up your e-commerce backend. So a part of you secretly hopes that no one buys from your website. It's stopping you from putting yourself out there, driving traffic to your site and anytime someone asks for your website link, a tiny part of you cringes inside. It's not that your website is horrible… it just doesn't represent you, your art and the quality of your work. 

So that's why you're here invest in help that you know would get you past the hurdle of hiding, to where you'd feel proud and confident to hand over your website link.

Welcome to my website redesign & improvement bookings

Where you hire me as your own personal tech team to tackle all your design and development projects quickly and efficiently, so that all you have to worry about is creating your work.
After just a few days or even hours , you'll have all those tech projects checked off and ready to share your new beautiful website with the world. 

Love it! Where do I sign up?

With my website redesign 
bookings you'll get: 

My undivided attention for 4-hours upto a few days, to redesign and improve your website.

A fast, easy and enjoyable way to get your project done, through a transparent, collaborative process.

My online art selling experience, web design expertise, and years of software development, bundled into a few hours.


Finally having that website job off your plate. 

Knowing that your website represents you and your art as the true professional that you are.

Turning a poor-preforming website into a high-converting art-selling machine!

Just Imagine

I need this! Let's do it!

Wondering what can be done in just a half-day booking?

Here are some popular choices:

Also, did I mention I'm really fast?

Brand Design & Implementation


You need some simple branding that would help your website look clean and professional and your art brand to stand out. You’ve got some inspiration in mind, but you’re just not sure how to execute it.
We’ll put together a brand board that represents your business well and I'll help you implement it on your website.

Basic Website Redesign & Optimization


You’ve been going down the DIY path, but you just aren’t getting the results you’re looking for or you're just tired of figuring it out all by yourself.
I'll jump into your site and make recommendations to improve the flow of your website and redesign some sections to not only freshen it up aesthetically, but improve your overall conversions - helping you reach more sales!


You want to make changes to your site that your Shopify theme doesn't seem to support. Whether it's making design changes, adding a new feature to your store, or integration with your email-list provider, you need some help with custom coding. I can work through a list of priority items to bust those items out in one afternoon.


Customization of your Shopify Theme

 Print-on-Demand Setup and Integration

You've been thinking about selling prints and products on your website but not sure how to go about it. I provide consultation and full integration of print-on-demand vendors like Printful and Fine Art America, with your website. 
Kiss the confusion of selling prints goodbye. 

Here is how it works:


Pick a date and book your full or half day 

Through the link below, you'll be able to select your date, fill in a form to walk me through your project and pay for your half or full day exclusive. While this is not a Zoom intensive, I will need you to be available during your exclusive booking in case any questions come up. Once you do that, this spot will be held exclusively for YOU on my development schedule according to the terms and conditions outlined here.


Do some light prep work

After you've booked your half or full day, I'll send you an email containing your project planner and everything you'll need to prepare for our exclusive booking. Don't worry, the prep work is pretty light and mostly meant for me to make sure I have everything I need to get started. The prep work must be ready to go before our half or full day so that I can use the hours you've booked efficiently.


Book a free 45-minute consultation

Book a free consultation where we discuss your website. You'll get to walk me through your project and art selling goals and I'll provide you feedback on your website. We'll sort through your website wishlist while I let you know how long your requested tasks would take me to complete. At the end we'll agree on a list of tasks I'll be going through during your exclusive booking. 


Sit back and relax

Your exclusive half or full day has arrived! I'll spend how many hours you've booked, dedicated to your website. Imagine how many hours that'll free up your time to spend creating your art or just relaxing! While I ask that you be accessible by email, you won't need to block off your day.

Please note that you're booking me for a number of hours, not a set of deliverables. If I'm unable to complete the items on your list, you have the option to extend for another hour or schedule another half-day session with me. With that said, I've done many projects and unless something unforeseen comes up, it's pretty rare for my time estimate to not be accurate. 

Book Your Exclusive Half-Day Now!

Here is how it works:

Not quite sure if your project fits?
Looking for a complete redesign of your website? 

Book a consultation to discuss

Your booking will be tailored to YOU and your unique website needs.

Who is this for?

have questions?

I’ve got you covered.

This is meant for any artist & creative that already has a website but needs help to level up their site. Whether it’s a design brush up, a complete redesign, adding a certain functionality to your website, or 1:1 training on the ins and outs of your tech - I've got you covered

What if you can't get everything on my wish list done during a half-day?

 pride myself on being fast and efficient and I can get a lot done in this type of sprint, but since you’re booking me for 4-hours and not a set of deliverables, I can’t guarantee to complete everything on your list.
I will try my best to provide estimates in our consultation, for the amount of time I would need to complete your requested services but there might be unforeseen issues that would cause the project to run over. 
You can help maximize our time together by completing all of your prep work in advance and being available on your design day for quick feedback. The faster I hear back from you, the faster I'll be able to move onto the next piece!
And, if by the end of the half-day, there are additional items on your list that you'd like to circle back to, we can always add on an hour or another half-day to get it done. 

My project would require more than one half-day. Can I book two or three instead?

Absolutely! The same principle applies where I'll dedicate those two or three days to YOU and your project(s) alone. During your consultation, I'll walk you through my estimate of how long I believe your project would take.  

Why is this such a great investment?

When you hire me for a half-day there is so much more that 4-hours that goes into it. Before our half-day I'll take time to meet with you, understand your art selling goals, and provide consultation for your website and online art selling strategy. I even go as far as let you know what I believe your half-day could be best spent on to get the most bang for your buck! 
Then, of course, there’s the actual design and development from a software engineer that has been through the art selling journey herself. You’ll get years of experience in art selling and online marketing strategy, all rolled up into a "half-day". 

Book your Design & Development Exclusive

Half-Day Exclusive 

(Most Popular)

4-hours dedicated towards working through a priority list of you design & development needs

Includes pre-day prep & strategy + 4 hours of design & development.

Investment $550 

Full-Day Exclusive 

(Best Value)

One day dedicated towards working through a priority list of your design & development needs

Includes pre-day prep & strategy + 8 hours of design & development.

Investment $950 

Let's do this!

Happy Client

"I am so glad to have found Parisa! I needed some help streamlining my website and making some technical changes that I couldn't figure out how to do myself, and Parisa helped me with everything I needed and more. What I really appreciated is that she took the time to understand what I wanted, listened to me, and also gave really helpful feedback on how to improve my website. I've had tech help in the past where I felt totally out of the loop, but Parisa was communicative throughout the whole process and made sure I understood all the changes she made. It was like working with a friend! I will absolutely be using Parisa for any web design help I need in the future."

Rachel Diaz-Bastin - Animal illustrator