Etsy, Saatchi or other Online Marketplaces 

 Galleries & Wholesale Brands

Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms 

Local art fairs, art shows and exhibitions

There are so many ways to sell your work:

Licensing out your work

But all these ways of selling work, either require a professional website,
 or can benefit from you having one. 

Link your online marketplace with your website to build brand awareness and customer loyalty 

Add the link to your website in your instagram bio to redirect your followers & art admirers to buy

Many galleries and brands require you to have a website, hosting your portfolio, artist statement, etc. Some even ask about your email list!

It's professional to include your website, when contacting brands and licensing agents to work with

Most exhibitions and art fairs require you to include your website in their submission process

Here’s how:

Thats all good! You don't need to stop any of that...

Your website not only gives your business a more professional look & helps build your brand,
it enhances all of your marketing efforts, helps people find you on the web!

“Etsy shops, Print on Demand sites, and social media pages allow you a solid head start, but they're rented space. You're subject to the whims of site owners and shareholders, who could revoke your access--undoing all your hard work--at any moment.
Investing in the creation of your very own site, your art home, where you make the decisions, takes your art business to a new level. And bonus, you can still work with PODs and Facebook and Instagram all you like, only now they're your partners rather than your landlords. “

Christi Kraft - Artists and Photographer

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I, too, started out with Etsy….

After months of struggling to get noticed in the sea of artists on Etsy, I came to realize that I needed to market myself more efficiently. Why should I spend so much time and marketing money to bring customers to someone else's website only for Etsy to suggest 10 other artists on my shop page?
Worse, at the end of the day my customers would say they bought my art from Esty not from Parisa the artist... Etsy!

Everything changed when I started treating my art as a business.

Building a business means building a brand, a professional e-commerce website and a well thought through marketing strategy..

I'm not only an artist but also an engineer,

Finding the formula to create a high converting art website took more than my engineering technical skills and artistic eye for design.

I educated myself on the psychology of buying art, digital marketing and running a successful e-commerce business.

Selling art isn’t like selling your average product. People buy art because of a connection they feel with the artwork, the inspiration story and the artist.  Your website needs to build that connection!

 Some artists think their art isn’t suited for online selling. Depending on your style and medium, some art might require more creative avenues to sell online but I haven't met a single artist that I believe cannot build a thriving online art business with a strategically executed website and marketing plan.

The Artistech Framework

The proven strategy for converting art browsers into raving fans that can’t wait to buy from you. 

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Here is how this works:


Identifying your ideal art buyer

All art has its own audience. We start with identifying those who connect with you and your art. Everything on your website, including your branding, website copy, product messaging and website design should speak and connect to your ideal art buyer, bringing all of you and your art to light.


Designing your Website the Artistech way!

Through my Artistech signature system, we work together to find the right strategy for presenting your work online. The strategy can vary depending on the type of art you create. Your style, medium and process all affect how we present and market your art. 


Your Focus shifts to Driving Traffic

You get to streamline all your efforts by bringing your ideal art buyers to your site, through:
Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pinterest, Social Media, Collaborations, Direct contact with clients, Paid Ads and more. 

Your Website Does the Selling

Your Artistech website is strategically built to convert website visitors into lifetime collectors that are eager to buy your work and share it with others. All you need to do is focus on bringing traffic to your site and stay top of mind for your subscribers by sending them weekly or monthly newsletter updates. Your website does the rest!



Instead of feeling scattered and unsure of what to do next to grow your sales, you have a strategy and plan!

Yes! I need a selling strategy!

What’s included in my Artistech Design Packages:

Our Web Design packages provide artists and makers a fully customized high converting website, allowing them to automate their online art selling with all the tech available. This could include email-marketing, calendar and POD integration. We make it easy for visitors who fall in love with your work to purchase it.

Consultation on identifying your ideal art buyer

Logo and brand design

Consultation on preparing your art photos, categorizing your work, picking your shipping policy, offering custom work and more.

Website and email copywriting

Print-on-demand consultation, setup and integration

SEO initial setup 

depending on your selected package my team and I offer:

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When we create an Artistech website for you, you get a website that is built with the right strategies, feels like you, elevates the beauty of your art, and automates your art sales.

Here’s how I'll help you do this thing:

so that we can make sure everything about your brand and website talks to your ideal buyer. 

I will help you with preparing your photos, picking your shipping strategy, creating your offerings and more. 

Have my professional copywriter help you with your website and email copy, so that you can be confident your copy sounds like you and will help you sell more work.

Create a brand that not only feels authentically you, but also speaks to your ideal buyer. 

You stay involved through the entire design process to make sure you are 100% happy with the end result, without doing any of the heavy lifting.

I make sure you feel empowered to run your online store.

Clarity on who your ideal art buyer is

Selling copy that captures your tone

A fully functional website that you can be proud of

Guidance and Consultation every step of the way

An authentic brand that represents you

Training on how to keep your website and email list updated

“I really do feel like the aesthetic of me and my art is just captured perfectly onto my website and I've been able to expand from what the website looks like to connect with how my business cards and thank you cards look like, to how little things in my studio look like…. everything when you see it, it makes sense, like let's say you see my website first and then see my studio in person, or vice versa…. you're going to know the two things are me at the end of the day, because just the simple design of the website connects through my brand and just me as a person.”

Tafy LaPlanche - Portrait Artist

I love selling my art online because it has enabled me to live the free, creative, location-independent lifestyle I always wanted.

I always felt a resistance to go down the traditional routes of selling art. As an engineer, part of me just wanted to make it work with all the tech accessible to us these days.

When I decided to take a leap by turning my art hobby into a stream of income, I started with shared platforms like Etsy but didn’t have much luck with consistent sales. I realized I needed to play the platform’s trending game to get noticed. I had just left my corporate job and I was tired of playing someone else’s game and with e-commerce booming over the past few years, I was dedicated to running my art business as an e-commerce brand. 
I took online courses, networked with successful e-commerce entrepreneurs and studied the e-commerce playbooks. Not all strategies were applicable to selling art but I found the ones that were. 

Art and handmade products aren’t your typical product:  generally, there is a longer sales cycle and the psychology is very different. Through many trials and errors I’ve been able to pin down what works for an e-commerce art website and brand. It’s not one big secret but a combination of lots of little things...

I'm Parisa!

....and I’m here to share it all with you.

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I have one question for you 

What if you could feel proud and confident passing on your business card when you meet the perfect art contact?

I love seeing my artist clients build successful online e-commerce businesses, but it comes with time. 

What would happen if you had a website you were proud of? Would that give you the confidence to put your art out there and stop hiding or playing small? 

I’ve seen the websites I build open up opportunities for artists as they feel more confident to apply for positions and put themselves out there. The website is your voice whenever you don’t know quite the right thing to say.

“I feel like I've gotten unbelievable opportunities across the board with the website. It speaks a lot for me, and entices people to learn more and in a way it lays down a lot of the information that is difficult to explain in person… the website just makes it seamless. It's kind of like Okay, you want this or this?.. here are your options and… boom, we're in business!”

Tafy LaPlanche - Portrait Artist

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I build websites for two specific artists:

You’ve already had some success selling your art

You’re ready to turn your hobby into a business

You’ve been selling your work already and you want to take full advantage of the online e-commerce space to sell more work and reach a bigger global audience. 

You want a strategic website that gives you a head start, building your art business, so it can grow faster.

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When you work with me I become your mini-stalker. 

I put a lot of effort into getting to know you as a human so that YOU are reflected in the design of your website. The outcome is a website that feels and sounds like you. I’ve received the feedback “this feels so much like me” time and time again. 

“Parisa really takes the time to understand not only your business but you as a person and truly captures all that into designing your website. 
If you want a website that's really going to speak to you and for you and your work, you don't have to worry about it when working with Parisa. She will make sure that you are 100% satisfied before releasing it out into the world, so know that you have your own personal cheerleader with you and that you're going to have someone who's dedicated as much as you are, to your business and brand.”

Tafy LaPlanche - Portrait Artist

If you’re asking yourself:

"Am I ready for my own e-commerce website?"

It depends on how serious you are about building an online art business. An investment in your website will get you there faster because you’ll be supported by someone who has already done what you’re trying to do. 
Waiting to make it before you invest in a website is backwards thinking. Your website is supposed to help you make it, not the other way around!

"Is my work suited for online selling?"

I’ve helped artists who sell jewelry, books, paintings, even artists who were more comfortable with the term “maker.” I can say with confidence that all art can be sold online. Indeed, some artforms might require more creative avenues for presentation and marketing but I’ve yet to meet a single artist whom I believe cannot build a thriving online art business with a strategically executed website and marketing plan.

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What platform do you build websites on?

Still have questions?

I’ve got you covered.

I’ve built websites on many platforms including Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace, Showit, etc. and I still do upon request. However, my personal recommendation to anyone trying to build an e-commerce business is Shopify. 
Shopify offers so many tools and apps to maintain your online shop which makes running the day to day of your store super easy. It allows you to feel empowered and take ownership of your website. 

Will you design my logo and branding?

Depending on the package you select, my team and I offer done-for-you logo and branding services or guides and templates for you to put your own logo and branding together. 

Do you provide copywriting services?

I offer done-for-you website and email copywriting services as part of some of my web design packages. All you need to do is select your package and Artistech will take care of the rest.  

How long does the process take?

Depending on the package you select, your project can take between 2-6 weeks from kick off to completion. 
I am usually booked out a few months in advance, so make sure you book your consultation early.

What is your process?

Prior to our start date: 

Once you select your project start date, sign your contract and pay your deposit, I get started with my process of getting to know you and what your art and brand are all about. 
We start with an in depth questionnaire and a meeting where I’ll consult you on everything you need to prepare prior to our start date. 
Depending on your selected package we might have additional consultation meetings. During this period we get clear on your ideal art buyer, design strategy and website goals. We finalize the website functionality before we start. 

After Project Start Date:

Once the project starts I roll up my sleeves and start building. You’ll have ongoing visibility to my design through our weekly meetings where you get to provide feedback on the design and copy.  

Project end date: 

By the end of the project you’ll have a fully functional website designed to your aesthetics and strategically built to sell your work. You are provided with pre-recorded videos on how to work your site, fulfill your orders, add new products and update your content. 
Upon the project end date you can choose to go live immediately or on your own timeline. 
Once the project ends our QA period begins where I take care of any potential bugs or malfunctions that might come to light. 

Do you offer payment plans?

All packages are broken down into payment plans of 1/3. 
Each project requires a deposit to hold your spot on my schedule.
For example you can choose to pay a deposit of 1/3 of the package price upon booking, another 1/3 before the project begins and the final 1/3 upon completion of the project.

How much does it cost?

It depends on the package you select. My packages start at $2500 USD.

What if I need help after the project is over?

If you need help with updating and maintaining your website, I offer monthly retainer packages. 
If you require additional design help, you can book me for an Exclusive half-day to get your projects and tasks knocked out fast.

Do you offer art marketing services?

I offer the initial setup of your SEO and email-list automation as part of some packages. If you have a marketing funnel that you'd like to implement or need a landing page for your paid ads, I can help you set that up. I help with all tech setup and automation. Funnel design however, is outside the scope of my services.  

In addition, all websites I design are strategically built to turn all that hard earned traffic into buyers and subscribers.

Do you offer help with Print-On-demanD integration?

Yes! I’ve set up POD for my own art website as well as other clients. I offer consultation and full set up and integration of your POD vendor with your website.  

How can you help me bring traffic to my site? 

Depending on the package you select, I take care of the initial SEO setup of your store. This will help you show up in google searches over time for some keywords including your name, location and unique art style. SEO, however, is an ongoing process and requires optimization and updating.

Additionally, if you have a marketing funnel that you'd like to implement or need a landing page for your paid ads, I can help you set that up. I help with all tech setup and automation. Funnel design however, is outside the scope of my services. 

“I want to tell anyone thats on the fence, don't have any doubts just go for it.
I'm very picky with who I let in. And letting Parisa completely in was just one of the best decisions I've ever made. 
If you want a bomb ass website, this is your girl.” 

Tafy LaPlanche - Portrait Artist

At the end of the day, all I want for you is to create a lifestyle that provides you freedom and an income while doing what you love...

Freedom to spend your time creating rather than constantly chasing buyers
Freedom to create what YOU like and run your business on YOUR terms
Freedom to quit your corporate job and make a living doing what you love
Freedom to be found and get paid 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Because at the end it's all about freedom to follow our passion and live the life of our dreams. 

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