I'm Parisa and I wear a lot of hats,
literally and figuratively. 

I'm a multifaceted creator:
painter, web designer, engineer, educator and community builder, with a mission to help artists thrive in this new online selling space.
I've been keepin' it real since 1990.

Hey there!


I was a corporate engineer, working on self-driving cars for one of the biggest car brands on the planet. It felt like a dream.
Until it... wasn't. 

 After a few years, I was tired of the politics, the two-weeks a year vacations and how I was welcome to use my creativity only within the tiny box of what I was asked. 
I started multiple ventures inside the company as a way to feed the creative-entrepreneur living inside. I even spent 6 months in the business side of the company as a business analyst, hoping that would be the answer… the struggle was real. 

oh stary eyes...

In 2019 I took a leap of faith...

I finally built up the courage to admit that this urge could not be met by working for someone else. I quit, traveled for months and started my own creative businesses. Now I run my own online art business + a web design agency where I help artists navigate the online art selling space and a few other side businesses that I'll be rolling out in the next few months. 

it all started from Paris

The scary leaps are often the ones we need to take the most. 


I'm probably, cozied up in my apartment in downtown Toronto, dreaming about my next travel destination and ways I can help other creatives build a thriving online business that allows them to live the lifestyle of their dreams.

After quitting my job with no idea what would come next, I realized that life was about making opportunities out of situations instead of waiting for them—or someone else's permission—to happen. Today, this philosophy fuels me as one creative burst follows another: juggling web design projects while maintaining my own art practice; leading clubhouse rooms where artists explore the options available to them for building a thriving art business; spearheading programs to support artists navigate the e-commerce space, all while maintaining a location-independent lifestyle to travel. 

I'm not big on labels but here are some I like:



I have a masters in systems design engineering.... think robots, cars, and other complex systems. 



It took a loooong time to accept this one, but boy-o-boy it feels good.

Full-stack Developer


I think of this one as where my engineering and artistic sides merge. 



Whenever I tell the story of how Ali and I met, people say it reminds them of Anne of Green Gables.
I promise I didn't break a slate on his head... but almost!



One of the most challenging and equally rewarding things I’ve ever done. After so many years of searching I finally feel I’m on the path I belong. 


My life has been a back and forth between two countries, two cultures and two languages.


My PHILOSophY in life

I believe in living life with the courage to be my truest self, where I can live from one creative burst followed by another, while inspiring and empowering others to do the same. 

All about

Not about

I'm all about

I'm not about

Deep talks,
Slow travels,
Short emails,
Real connections,
Helping you step into your superpower

Small talk,
Playing small
Cookie cutter solutions



Friends - .my 10th time!


a chai latte - make mine half sweet please!

the Caribbean blues

the "How I  built this" podcast

My Favourite Things

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I've even named some of my favourite books and painting tools. 

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